Nick Fragkias >> Nicolaos grew up in Athens and is the founder of Dynamic Equilibrium Ltd and Dynamic Equilibrium System. He is INLPTA National Chapter Coordinator for Greece and Cyprus. Nicolaos has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration a
nd holds Trainers Training certifications from INLPTA & ANLP. Moreover, he is certified by Paul Ekman International Academy in Truthfulness & Credibility techniques.

In his Dynamic Equilibrium System™, he uniquely combines a variety of techniques such as Clean Language, Provocative approach and Systemic Coaching Techniques. In addition, he has worked as a Mental Health Counsellor and a Clinical Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist with hours in Clinical work. Furthermore, he is a tutor of “NLP in Management” at the Athens Information Technology Institute and teaches NLP courses at the Academy of Psychotherapy.

Being a gifted Therapist, a charismatic Leader, an eloquent NLP and mBIT coach Instructor, a dreamy Story-teller, a virtuoso of Metaphors and a clever Provocateur, masters the art of System Pattern Mapping and Pattern Re-engineering. A true facilitator of the Chaos and Dynamic Equilibrium System elements, Nicolaos knows how to utilize and uniquely combine their powers, to create contributors that lead to individual or systemic rebirth, evolution and ultimate growth.

He brings a wealth of “hands-on” therapy and corporate training facilitation experience to the areas of coaching and development the last 12 years. He is equipped with a wide industry knowledge and has worked in senior roles in large companies as Sales Manager, Operation Director and HR Director.


Reb Veale >> Reb is a registered INLPTA NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner,a professionally certified Mbit Trainer and Coach with qualifications in business psychology and coaching. Having been taught by Dr Susi Strang, Lisa Wake, Craig Wood, Wyatt Woodsmall, Tom McKay, Grant Soosalu, Marvin Oka and having learned much more besides from fellow students; Reb continues to learn every day from her own students and clients.

Following her degree, Reb gained experience in commercial management in the retail sector that later helped her to support managers after she moved into HR management. Once bitten by the people development bug, Reb studied to successfully gain a number of qualifications to underpin the use of her own intuition and is an original member of Gloucester CIPD’s Coaching Network. Reb is passionate about assisting clients flexibly to reveal their own solutions and resources to achieve their goals.


Vassia Manika >> Vassia is a Clinical Dietitian- Nutritionist (Harokopio University) for 13 years. Her passion about wellbeing made her come across Life & Wellness Coaching, bringing happiness, fulfillment, love and acceptance to her coachees. She comes across as an Accredited Professional Coach (APC) by C Ways Group, a certified ACC coach from the International Coach in process, a certified mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Professional Coach, a NLP Practitioner and a Micro Expressions & Body Language Practitioner by Dynamic Equilibrium System LTD.

Vassia is the first national Coach- Dietitian and she is the founder of the “Diet Coaching” practice, for individuals and groups who seek sustainable lifestyle changes, new healthy habitual behaviors and harmonious relationship with their inner self. Vassia’s unique working experience includes elite collaborations with Nutritional and Fitness Centers (luxury spas, boutique health and fitness clubs, health catering business). She has been a Food Marketing Specialist and Consultant for several years for a nutrition company and she has worked for National Television (ERT) as a Dietitian. She is a proud member of HDA (Hellenic Dietetic Association), INLPTA (International NLP Trainers Association), EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council), ICF (International Coaching Federation) and IPPA (International Positive Psychology Association).

She embodies her wellness philosophy in her moto: “We are not human beings, we are human becomings. So, let’s be human well-becomings”.